7005 Clement Avenue

Above is 7005 as it existed.
Below are the yard and garage in their original and improved conditions.

    In late summer of 2013, we first started at 7005 Clement, gutting the insides down to the studs and outside walls.  It was a dusty, dirty task.  

    The stairwell to me was the most fascinating; it was super steep with steps that were only about 5 inches wide.  
    The house was shut down due to permits and architect issues for innumerable months, so we moved down the street to 6824, which became our house.
    The short movies chronicle the changes that took place at that house, which was finished by the crew from Holy Angels.

    Many believed it would be less work and more economical to just tear down the old house and start from scratch. But Cleveland Habitat was not willing to do that.

    Nobody in their right mind would have guessed that this house could have ended up this way. 

December 13, 2014 was the dedication for the happy new owners, Tenille, Marshall , Martel and Maleek

Stairs were a major issue at 7005, as the house simply wasn’t wide enough to accommodate the standard size and slope to meet current codes.