7314 Colfax

    Channel 5 TV has partnered with Habitat to improve STREETS, not just houses.  Channel 5 sponsored a Spruce-up day for July 7, 2013, visiting the neighborhood prior to that date to determine which families needed what kind of work done.  I would’ve been there, but was returning from the Disaster Response Trip to tornado-devastated Moore, OK.
    Habitat is only doing rehabs as of 2013, and with Channel 5’s help, bought five abandoned houses on Colfax, near Kinsman and E. 55.  Our team was given this house, as it had a family with enough hours to make it almost ready to move in, which is a requirement that our team has established.
    Georgetta Pickett and her daughters Asianna and Arielle are very excited about moving into this house in the early fall of 2013.Moore,_OK_Disaster_Response_Mission.htmlMoore,_OK_Disaster_Response_Mission.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1

The volunteer crew that day brought lunch with them. What a treat!

These were definitely the “closets from *#@*”  It was ridiculous trying to find a solid spot to screw in the brackets, because the drywall had been so damaged from previous shelves falling out. Didn’t help either that the drop-down in the front was not the same width.