Pat and Habitat


    I started volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in October 2005.    

    The picture above on the left is my Wednesday crew at the Women Build Houses, where we worked March - May 2007, because OUR house in Garfield Hts. wasn’t ready for us.  We were called the Refugee Crew, because we were “displaced”.

    The yellow house in the snow is my first house that I was “assigned to” in November 2005. The house was finished on the outside, but inside it was only studs, and stinky nauseating kerosene heaters in the dead of winter, as my first new trade was learning how to hang drywall.                  

    The other picture looks pretty self-explanatory to me.

    For about the first month, Chris Keller, the volunteer coordinator, sent me to a different house, and crew of people, each Wednesday.  It was hard to get to know people that way, and I always felt like the fifth wheel.    

    But in November, he told me he wanted to send me to the yellow house you see in the upper right corner and stay with them on a permanent basis.  He said that besides building houses, that Habitat was about building friendships and networks and bonding. Now that I’m in my 4th year with my crew and the organization, I couldn’t agree with him more. 

    It’s also about learning something new every time you show up at whatever site, sharing with others what you’ve learned, and becoming skilled with tools you didn’t even know existed, let alone how to use them.  It’s about problem-solving when things don’t go the way they were designed to, about learning that there is virtually nothing in/on the house that can’t be repaired/fixed if you goofed up, which is what novices tend to do.

   And, for ME anyway, it’s a LOT about the good feeling you get when you look at what you accomplished at the end of the day, and transferring that newly learned knowledge/skill to something in the other 6 days of my life. I built my own “flower bed” (see below) in our backyard rock and flower garden with Habitat skills.  With Carol out of town, I climbed to the peak of our house and nailed the siding in place ... twice. 

    My Habitat experiences have empowered me with self-confidence, to forge into unknown territory of home repairs with an attitude of “I can do this”. I no longer take packages to Carol to assemble, and I find it hysterical that Carol asks if he can use some of “my tools” in my bucket.  My first big purchase was my own cordless drill, which I do let him use; but he still insists on using a screwdriver and doing it the hard way.  Not me, I’m taking the easy way out!  He sat in the back yard in the summer of 2007 and WATCHED me change the screen door from the upstairs deck to the basement screen door and vice-versa, which is the exact reverse of what had transpired in the previous summer of 2006 as we added the finishing touches to our home addition. 

      I wish I had been involved in Habitat prior to our addition; there’s a few shoddy little places in the addition that I would have had the paid people redo. 

        Live and learn ...  and keep learning every day !!!

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