Aetna & E. 76th Rehab


    In 2011 while we’re also volunteering for Mary’s House, we’re dividing our time rehabbing this house on Aetna.  It’s been abandoned by a previous family, so there’s a lot of cleaning inside before we start the repairs.  Both baths need new flooring and toilets, and the kitchen and hallway need new tiling, and the kitchen will get new cabinets.

    We’re making good progress after finishing at Mary’s house, putting in 3 days weekly.  One Wednesday morning, though, when the front door is unbolted, we hear a horrific sound -- the basement has been broken in some time after the previous Sat. to steal the copper piping.  They’ve cut the pipe off right at the water input line to the house, thus water is gushing into the basement and the drain can’t keep up with it, and we now have an indoor pool, up to the level of the first stair. YUCK!!  It takes a while to get a shut-off key from the city dept., and there’s obviously a LOT of damage to supplies and the furnace.  Bummer of a way to start the day.  And another expense for Habitat, to purchase window and door covers from a home protection company until the partner family moves in.

Above, the back of the house with the increased security on entries, and below, enforcement on the broken basement window to prevent further break-ins.

Above, the outside wall and the tub wall were not exactly at right angles, making tiling this bathroom a real bear to keep the lines straight.  Took me @ six times starting to finally get the lines to match the long outside wall.

Almost ready for the family to move in.

Always gotta find room for the important stuff: the coffee pot.  It WAS on the porch when we didn’t have electricity to the house and were using gas generators.

I tiled the kitchen and Deb did the hallway and I picked up on the landing in the basement stairs.  Look, a basement that isn’t a foot deep swimming pool!

2167 E. 68th Street,

Summer 2015 - Feb. 13, 2016

    When we had to leave the Pope Francis house, we moved with Reuben as our new leader to this former Habitat house, which had been abandoned and somewhat vandalized.  Walls broken into to get the copper from the electrical wiring required Electrician Mary to re-wire the entire house, thus tearing out even more drywall.  We think the previous owners had tried to copy the decorative blue on the house across the street, but the result was far from being attractive.  We did a LOT of painting to cover that dark blue.  The perimeter of the house was filled in with sand and had a lot of weeding to be done.  Mary and I brought perennials to spruce it up, but with no budget to add some actual DIRT, I doubt if the plants will pop up next spring.....but it was a nice thought.

    Below, the backyard looked actually a lot worse than this photo, taken after a Saturday volunteer crew had done some cleanup.  Many of the windows had to be replaced, and for unknown reasons, the replacements were delayed time and time again.

A waterbed had leaked into the living room, and in the basement, there was a lot of black mold also.

Repairing and replacing railings and tops of the deck before staining it the grey-black that John and Nina wanted.

The kitchen (before final cleanup) has the same tiling as the adjacent 1st floor bathroom, to the right.

    Stairwell to the 2nd floor, two front bedrooms, another full bath, and master bedroom with huge walk-in closet.

February 13, 2016,

Dedication day