Australia, May 2009


Sydney, Ayers Rock, and the Great Barrier Reef

    This trip all came about because Pat and Linda Cregan are cruising the southern coast of Australia and parts of New Zealand in March 2010.  Carol would go only if he could visit Ayers Rock, which was totally out of the question.  So we decided to plan another trip to include what he wanted, as well as the Coral Reef, which was not on the cruise.

    We had our cruise agent do the legwork, and everything came off without a hitch.  Our tours were already arranged, as well as transfers to/from airports.  We were literally along just for the ride.

    Despite being on the Qantas Airbus, a double-decker plane, the 14-hour flight from Los Angeles was still quite brutal.  But our hotel room was waiting for us, and being perfectly located, we either walked or used the subway or monorail to do a lot of wandering around.  Sydney is basically just another large metropolis, with the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge being the icons of recognition.




Yes, those are PEOPLE walking on the top of the bridge; Pat is going to brave it at the end of her cruise in 2010.

Carol and Pat walked the level length of the bridge, just to say “we did it.”

Ayers Rock, known to the aborigines as Uluru, a sacred ceremonial site.Ayers_Rock.html

Sammy, an aborigine, guided our tours in his native tongue, pitenja.

fascinating coral as seen from our semi-submersible boat

Our Qantas airbus, a double-decker plane, and after landing, a view of itself; the wings filled up the windows of eight rows of seats.

ancient fern trees in the Blue Mountains