Backyard Makeover, summer 2010


    All we had to work around was the excessive rains during May and early June, as well as the nightly visits by the deer, who loved the canvas covering, especially the black type (don’t know why), and would leave their droppings as their nightly donations.

Enough weed-control canvas to cover @4,200 sq. ft.

One of nine trips to pick up 250 bags of stone.

    As the 100-ft. tall trees continue to dominate the woods bordering our back yard, they suck up the water that the grass needs, and their roots rise up to 4” above the trying-to-stay-alive grass, making mowing the “lawn” an enormous frustration.

    So in mid-May, I decided I’d had enough......and went to The Rock Pile and ordered 50 bags each of 4 types/colors of decorative stone to match and increase the rock/flower garden from years before. Yeah, it costs more to order it bagged vs. having them dump 2+ tons of each color into our yard, but my back and spine simply won’t tolerate shoveling, and the bank account has no voice so it can’t complain.

We dropped the 200 bags scattered throughout the area, based on color and an attempt at a scheme.

The big pile on the left below is 50 bags of river rock for the paths.

92 landscaping ties brought home in 4 loads

My new Ryobi chop saw worked non-stop; though it did slide around quite a bit on my sturdy folding-picnic-table workbench.

Above, Carol chases deer out of the nearly finished garden. To the right,  this little fawn has no problem with me digging and planting @ 10 ft. away.  I even got up to go get the camera, came back to where I was, and took a couple shots.

Whew, only a few more bags to empty into their slots.

We also “cheated” and bought black and red mulch to fill in several spots, instead of buying more HEAVY and much more expensive stone.

* Nine trips to haul 250 bags of decorative stone.

  * Four trips to haul 92 landscaping ties.

  * @225 stakes to hold the ties in place...times 4-5 strikes apiece to pound them in = @1013 strong arm swings

   *  125+ wheelbarrow trips with stone and/or mulch

  * 30 holes dug to plant flowers

Never having to mow the backyard roots again:


Aw, do I really have to move?

Below, one  of our many pesky squirrels that’s taking a break from trying to get to and eat from my BIRDfeeder.

Summer 2011 with latest addition of yellow bicycle and Carol’s revised successful birdfeeder.

August 2012 we add the finishing touch to the background.

We DID have a nice arbor in the center, until superstorm Sandy, late Oct. 2012, blew it down.

The deer don’t seem to remember that we feed them corn in the winter; they eat up a LOT of my plants every summer.