Chris Keller, the former coordinator of volunteer services, kept me updated on when and where the Habitat blitz weeks would be. May 2007 took me back to my exact starting point with the charity association in October 2005.  One of the two houses in this film is directly across the street from the very first house that I worked on, the yellow one.

    The church’s two houses are on opposite sides of the street and about four lots are between them.  Some of the really run-down sites have been cleaned up since my first arrival in October 2005, and with the addition of these two more Habitat houses, the neighborhood is starting to improve in appearance.  Habitat owners also know that they are obligated to keep up the positive appearance of their houses.

    These two weeks of building were unusually HOT, upper 90’s, and muggy.  In fact, one afternoon, the site leader, unannounced, simply shut off the generator, thus abruptly halting all work with electrical tools.  As the workers looked around to see what the problem was, he simply shouted, “We’re out of water, we’re done for the day. Pack up.”  We had gone through three 50-gallon igloos of water, not counting all the other smaller Coleman jugs that individuals had brought - and emptied.

Enjoy my video

Bay Presbyterians do a double-build on Gaylord Ave. in May 2007

     Rachel, a former student of mine, was directed by my daughter to contact me about getting involved with Habitat.  She joined us the very next day & week for this double blitz, and quickly learned some new skills.

     This hole is in front of the house.  I was intrigued by the quantity of clothes buried in it.

If you see a bluish Q below, just wait for the movie to download.  Thanks.

To the left, Deb and unknown are already installing the porch joists.  Below, Rachel Dobbs  is proud of her first angle cut with the chop-saw.