E. 79th near St. Clair, Golphin Family

    This was definitely one of the sadder stories of Habitat.  We had finished this home, inside and out, in the early spring of 2009, but the partner family didn’t have their 500 equity hours in, so it was boarded up until she earned her hours.  Another Habitat family lives down the street and one day noticed something troubling.  She called Willie to tell him that a window had been broken.  When he investigated, he found that the house had been raided.  Anything and everything that was screwed in or down had been unscrewed and taken out through the window or back door, as the security system had been cut.  All of the materials were removed intact with the intent of being used somewhere else.  Bath fixtures, kitchen cabinets, railings, even the FURNACE were taken apart in small enough pieces to get them out of the house. Our crew was asked if we would go back and rehab it....and we politely declined.  We felt violated.  I’m not sure when it was rehabbed, but in 2009, Cleveland Habitat was in financial straights and simply didn’t have the money to buy the materials, despite insurance paying for it.

A typical Habitat lunch, most  of us sitting on buckets.
The usual make-shift toilet facility
My first bath surround!
Quarter rounds and wood finishes drying in the basement on make-shift horses.
We came up with our own design for tiling the basement landing.
Chris, a Baldwin Wallace student, and I learning the table saw for cutting the luan for the kitchen floor preparation.
What’da’ya think?  We need another person in this stairwell?
Katie White, Judy DeFrancesco, and Bruce Esson working on the porch.
Installing furnace ducts and blocks in between the studs to prevent air flowing inside  the walls.