E. 84th new build in 2011, completion in 2012


    Our team went here between being at Mary’s House and the rehab on Aetna, just to help out.  The team here is all retired men, all but one are over 70 yrs. old. 

    In early 2012, our team moved down the road to rehab a former Habitat house that had been sitting abandoned and was pretty trashed.  We’re not real fond of our rehab, as it was built with metal studs (instead of wood), making hanging drywall a real bear.


    HABITAT had some issues with the roofer; basically, I think he just ran off with the deposit.  So the house had no protection for months, allowing rains to accumulate on every floor, including the basement. Finally some donations bought some humongous tarps that Kim, Jim and I crawled through the rafters and nailed down.  Later, an honest roofer finally did the job.

This house is a new design, meant to be more energy efficient, but the tight angles on the second floor roof are not builder friendly.  We wonder how often heads will be bumped once the furniture is in.

Above, a typical temporary entry; below, a typical toilet in the basement for the volunteers.

And this is the closet and room that I taped and mudded, self-taught from watching others.  I wasn’t very fast, but I sure was slow.

Lebron & Jurybeth, proud new owners, on dedication day, July 14, 2012

At the Dedication, I ran into our Garfield Hts. Habitat mother Luz Narvaez, with daughters Imann and Keara (Keke), and Jurybeth’s dog.  Friends of Jurybeth and one-time babysitters.  Sadly, Luz’s basement was still getting wet at this time, but the new management at GCHFH sent out the people and the sump pump has been relocated, allowing her basement to be dry.

Upstairs bath, with dormer ceilings making for a unique tub surround. The dormer ceilings made the bedrooms quite cramped height-wise also.