2189 E. 84th Rehab


  In 2011, since no new Habitat-sponsored builds have occurred during the recession, functioning teams are sent to abandoned former Habitat houses to rehab them for available partner families.  Previous volunteers had already cleaned out the two dumpsters of trash left in the house before we arrived.  Since scavengers had ripped into walls and stolen copper wiring to sell (for drugs, probably), we had to pretty much gut the inside walls back to studs to re-run the electrical wires and also repair and improve the plumbing.  Thus, the resident rat was found imbedded in the walls by the tub.  Some wiseguy had put his skeleton on the shelf of the closet by the front door, so he was the first thing you saw when you walked in ---- EEEK!  He eventually was thrown outside and buried in the flower garden in front of the porch.  He was more than a foot long.

    When the partner family bailed out the summer of 2012, the house was locked up and we didn't return until Julia Jones, the new partner family, decided that this would be a great home for her.  On June 15, 2013, the dedication took place, followed soon by occupancy.

Above, an unusual warm spring day sends us outside for cafe-style lunch.

This house ranks among our least favorites, as it was built when habitat was using metal studs, and drilling drywall screws into metal studs is not a pleasant task.

To the right, Kim tore out the old furnace stack and surrounding walls.

    To the left, an upstairs bedroom: scrape and peel off the pink wallpaper  -  or - hang new drywall into those *#@! metal studs?  Hard choice, neither one is easy.

    To the right, the living room, with ceiling and wall between kitchen torn out to install new plumbing.

Scrape off border wallpaper before installing new cabinetry.

    A half-bath is added by the back door, since there was no bath on the first floor.  Powerwashing improved the deck, and stairs and railings were replaced.

April to August in the backyard.

One would never know the amount of work that John Gibb put into adding a center stringer and shoring up the stairs, now that they’re completed and carpeted.  The upstairs has dark laminate, while the downstairs is a lighter shade.

In February 2015, we return to the same general area for another rehab of an abandoned former Habitat house.  Luckily, this one went much smoother.  Short movie to the right.