Amalyra River Boat

Guatemala Mission Trips                      Australia New Zealand Cruise March 2010

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       Nicaragua Mission Trip Nov. 2011

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Our home away from home

Our 1st exposure to half-door showers. No wonder they call it a wetroom.

Oh, wow, a lighted bar in the closet!

Adrienne & Tonja

Capt. Rien & Hotel Mgr. Oliver

Carol, Ornulf our director & guide, and co-capt.

Ivan, our server

maitre d’

Angela, a meditation friend of Carol

Petra, our cabin steward

Maureen, Dave, we, and Rana in Zurich

Sometimes we had to double-park dock, and walk across another boat to reach ours.

The 1st of many locks that we’d go through; only one we actually witnessed though.

Lock door goes up

We get in really close to share with the other boat.

Our evacuation drill is anything but organized.

And we meet the “hat lady”, who needs to be center stage, and is quite condescending to her sister.

Lock door goes down