Europe, 2010, August 1 - 27/extended to 28 (not on the itinerary)

Eric, Lesley, Judith, Pat & Carol

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    Some friends had raved about a river cruise, and since Pat had never been to Europe, even though Carol had (decades ago), we agreed to use the cruise as a starting point, adding numerous cities and activities to the end of the cruise.

    On August 1, we were supposed to be picked up at 1:00 pm for a 3:30 flight, but got woken up at 6:30 am by the airlines, saying that our 3:30 flight was going to be delayed and they wanted us on an 11:00 flight, meaning a 9:00 pick-up.  Luckily, Pat was already organized and packed, but Carol had to do LAUNDRY!@#*! We miraculously got out on time, but Carol left his hearing aides and Pat had her TENS unit for the back pain, but not the pads that attach to the body -- and nobody we called had the time to get to our house, get them, and bring them to the airport before we left.  Luckily, that was all we had left behind.

     The cruise started in Amsterdam, sailing south on the Rhine for 7 days, ending in Basil, with the optional land stays of 2 days each in Lucerne and Zurich. 

    After that we were on our own, our itinerary and Eurorail passes in hand. From Zurich, we trained to Geneva, then to Munich, then to Paris only long enough to switch train stations to catch the Eurostar (the Chunnel) train to London, long enough to overnight before using the English train to go north to visit a friend Judith that we had met on the Transatlantic cruise of 2009.  After 3 days there, we trained and flew to Inverness, Scotland, to visit Findhorn, of particular interest to Carol.

    The Flybe plane on Aug. 27 didn’t fly, and we had major problems getting lost in their computer system and getting our luggage re-tagged to Manchester instead of to Philadelphia/Cleveland.  When we finally got on the new plane they brought in, of course we had missed our Transatlantic flight with US Airways.  Flybe put us up in a nice hotel in Manchester, dinner and breakfast included, but then the lost-in-the-computer routine started all over with US Airways on the next day, Aug 28.  Flybe had done something wierd with Pat’s rescheduled US Airway flight, and it literally took an hour and at least 3 employees to finally produce boarding passes that didn’t have restrictions for Pat.

    So we arrived home a day late and to a frantic email from our travel agents, inquiring about us; according to US Airways records, only Carol came home, Pat was still in England.  Gee, I FEEL like I’m in the good ole USA.  Guess I’ve finally reached my life’s ambition: I’m an illegal alien....

The 7- day Rhine River Cruise that became a four-week trip.
Cologne, Germany
a character at wine-tasting
Heidelberg Castle
Dachau CrematoriumDachau_Concentration_Camp_Memorial_2.html
Lake LucerneLucerne,_Switz_2.html
Large Hadron Collider at Cern’s Nuclear CenterCern,_LHC_2.html