Judith & Mirfield, England

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    We had met Judith on our Transatlantic cruise in 2009 and had kept in touch via mail, as she doesn’t do email.  When we were planning this Europe trip and Carol wanted to visit Findhorn, Scotland, I said, let’s see if we can stop to see Judith.  She connected up with us through a friend Eric’s email, and we had dinner with him and his wife Lesley twice.  Carol even tried Yorkshire pudding, which didn’t taste a whole lot better than it looked.
    There just happened to be a fair one day, and of course, she drove us around her town and the outlying area.  Quite picturesque.
    One day, we rode the train a couple of stops to York and did some touristy stuff there.  Since she rarely parks her car at a train station, she forgot to put money in the meter and we returned to find a 50 pound parking ticket on the window ... 25 if paid within a week.  We tried to pay for it, but she sent the money back to us.

Stone fences everywhere

Carol said the donkey was the thorn between two roses. He just wanted more ice cream.

Our accommodations await us.

Carol tried Yorkshire pudding....not what you were expecting, eh?

And we’re off to Manchester Airport, finally having learned where our luggage goes on the trains.

Eric, his wife Lesley, our friend Judith, Pat & Carol