Munich to Paris to London

TGV on the left, Eurostar on the right

We are officially in Paris, long enough for Pat to confirm - in SPANISH - which exit to use to stay on level ground to go to the Gare du Nord, instead of using the closest exit which involves @30 steep stairs.

And now we’re in England, heading north to visit Judith.

A cute little meal-in-box; and I guess that’s what that little metal piece is for....

Goodbye, Munich

St. Pancras station is huge and ornate, but no one we asked knew WHO St. Pancras was.  The National Library is the flat building to the left, between our hotel and St. Pancras.

King’s Cross is next to St. Pancras, and where Pat needed to learn how to use the machines on the walls to obtain the English rail tickets north to Mirfield, and then Mirfield to Manchester.


Another half shower door....

Our table-mate; she was going to visit her boyfriend.

Yeah, Carol can chill out, Pat’s the one totally stressed out about not having Judith’s address and phone number, praying to every conceivable source that Eric and/or our travel agent will read their email & reply with her phone and address during the next 10 hours ...  which they did.

    Having Judith’s phone number proved futile, as we waited for nearly 30 minutes at the train station.  My international mobile phone just “could not complete call as dialed.”  When we got home to the US and the paper with her info that I would have had with me if we hadn’t had to scramble to leave 5 hours early, I saw that I needed to add another number when INSIDE the UK, versus outside the UK. 

    But even so, who would have known that she was waiting for us on the OTHER side of this station, where you can get out w/o two flights of stairs ... but you have to wait 15-20 minutes for the employees to set things up for you to cross the tracks.

    Luckily, the guy inside felt sorry for Carol and called Judith’s number, and luckily, she had her neighbor covering the house, just in case we called.   Yeah for cell phones. That’s how she finally ended up on our side of the station.