I had seen the Glacier Express advertised in a travel brochure, so when we planned this journey, once we left Barcelona, all our stops were simply the route to get us to this panoramic train ride through the high Swiss Alps.

    The Bernina connects to the Glacier, so we left Chur on the Bernina, traveled south to Tirano, then back up north to St. Moritz.  We overnighted in St. Moritz, then left the next morning, heading back up north the same way we’d come down.  At some point we turned west toward our destination of Zermatt and the Matterhorm. (Map on right)

    Having been awed by the Bernina, we couldn’t imagine how the Glacier could be any better.  Actually, it was kind of boring until the train stopped to switch to the cogwheel engines for the last steep climb. (Map below.) As the train passed out of the clouds near the top, there was a collective gasp of awe from every coach on the train.  OK, it DID actually get better.

Map of changes in elevation.

THIS is what I wanted to see, that we hadn’t seen in 2010.

Landwasser Viaduct