Chur (pronounced Kur) was the start of the panoramic train ride called the Bernina Express, which linked into the Glacier Express.  Nothing touristy to do here other than wander the streets before spending the night.  Just a cute little Swiss town.  But it had two department stores, which helped out when my rolling duffel bag was getting too difficult to pull over the cobblestones.  One store had luggage at 50% off, so we now had a new suitcase....and someone in Chur might have a used duffel.

I wish all cities had maps this user-friendly.

Red are the names of the stops, black underneath tells you what connections can be made from each stop.  First column is scheduled time, to the right of the line is the actual time.

    Carol and Charlie were our seatmates on the first part of the ride, from Chur to Tirano.  We must’ve laughed the entire time.  And there was definitely a theme to the conversation; basically, “men are always right.” Once, they asked how long we’d been married...”34 years.”  Charlie’s shocked response was, “You get less than THAT for MURDER!”

    On the train ride from Chur to St. Moritz we met Dave, the crazy Aussie, who’d left his wife on the train platform the previous day - yeah, he volunteered that info to us.  He’s a great story teller and has lived an uncommon life.

    After the Glacier Express ride with him the next day, and then the train ride up the Matterhorn range with his wife Debra, we exchanged contact info in case they wanted to visit us after they arrived in New York on June 17.  Long story short, they came, spent 2 packed days, and we haven’t heard from them since.......... (to the right, Dave was tired and took a nap on our living room floor, while the 3 of us carried on around him.)

    At the St. Moritz train station, there was a huge map of the town, with lights on each of the hotels.  By pushing the light, you phoned the hotel.  Well, our hotel did not offer shuttle service, but Dave’s did.  So we rode up with him and his wife Debra, then stood in their hotel’s parking lot pointing at the cable car and “talking” until the driver left the area, and then Carol and I walked to our hotel around the block.