Innsbruck we knew was just a connecting city to get us to the Glacier Express, but there was a funicular up the mountain.  Our hotel receptionist told us to buy an Innsbruck Card, good for all public transportation needed to get there and to ride the funicular also.  Problem was she told us the wrong city bus to take, so we had a “free” scenic ride around the city and ended up back at the train station.  Asking around, we found out the correct number and where to catch it and from there on, it was smooth sailing.

OMG, our shower actually had a FULL door on it.

    And luckily, this hotel was literally connected to the train station, as I had to RUN back to the room - already being cleaned- to retrieve our Eurorail passes from the trashcan. WHEW! In cleaning out my organizer wallet the previous night,  I had mistakenly thrown away the passes instead of the map.