On May 28, we left Vienna on the 8:14am train to Salzburg, arriving at 10:59. Our hotel was NOT within walking distance of the train station, but it was convenient to the center where the tours left from and returned, as well as pharmacies, banks, and restaurants, all of which we needed.  Austria only exchanges money at certain banks, not at the common exchange kiosks that we see everywhere else in Europe.

After leaving our luggage at the hotel across the street from the WIFI garage (never did understand that one), we walked back to the center for our Sound of Music tour.  Utterly delightful.  And our guide gave us specific directions for getting to the cable car up the Untersbergbaun Mt., used in the last scene of the film, which is where we headed the next morning, before our afternoon tour to the Bavarian Mts.

On May 29 in the morning, we set out again toward the town square to catch the No. 25 city bus that would take us to Untersbergbaun Mt. for our cable car ride.  Returning from that to the town center again, we were where our afternoon tour would be leaving from, so we had them cancel picking us up at our hotel.  The afternoon tour was to the Bavarian Mountains and Echo Lake, nothing at all to compare to our morning’s adventure or the previous day’s tour.

One night we tried hiking up the hills to get to the Augustiner Restaurant that guide Gary had so highly recommended.  Problem was, we were running low on cash -- and energy -- and every turn revealed another set of steps to climb and/or a restaurant that only took cash.. So when we found a restaurant that accepted Visa, we stayed.  We were NOT disappointed with our meals.

    The next morning we would leave via train again to Innsbruck.  The elevator at the train station was broken, so we dragged our luggage up 3 flights of stairs to the platform level, from where we could see the escalator on the opposite side of the stairs.   *#@!

    We asked an attendant if we were in the right platform; he nodded yes, but emphasized that TWO trains would be arriving and that we should take the 2nd one.  While waiting, I heard some Spanish -- from a Dominican Republic lady -- so we chatted for a while.  Well, when the first train pulled in, we just waited --- until the attendants started shouting to us to get on the train.  Confused, we headed toward car 26, with the lady helping with our luggage.  An attendant stops us and points us to the other end of the train.  Even more confused, we virtually ran toward it.  On the way, an attendant pointed out to Carol the connection between two cars where the train would end up being disconnected.  Gee, we didn’t get explained in the first conversation.  We jumped onto car 30 and dragged our way through until our seats in car 36 -- which had further added to the confusion, since I was thinking “26.”