The Glacier Express ends at the train station in Zermatt, and we scheduled an extra day in Zermatt since there’s a train and a cable car that go up the mountain range.  It’s a pedestrian town, with super skinny streets and weathered houses.  We so totally lucked out with the weather, because it was clear and sunny when we went up the mountain, but had become totally fogged in and rainy by the time we got back. 

    Oh, look what we stumbled upon as we were headed out to dinner.  Turns out that Dave was actually telling the truth when he said that the back half of the train wasn’t there. 

    The previous day, on the Glacier Express, when they switched to the cog wheel engines, they neglected to announce to the passengers that the train was also being separated in the middle; one cog engine for each eight cars. 

    So Dave literally waited on that platform for a half hour, and the back half of the train came by and picked him up and reunited him and Debra.

    We were arranging to meet in the morning to head out to conquer the mountain range when Carol happened to spot this “unique face” heading into a store, so he grabbed my camera....and got the photo to the left.

So we’re enjoying a tasty dinner outdoors (still not cold enough to wear a jacket) with iced tea, wine, spicy sausage and pasta, and an “omelette” of fried bread, ham, cheese, egg, tomatoes .... and this sparrow won’t leave us alone.  He keeps hopping around on the table, begging for bread crumbs.  He never got any and eventually gave up and left.

So we meet up with our Aussie friends to go conquer the mountain.  Before leaving Australia, they had bought a half-price pass for Eurorail trains, which included the one in Zermatt.  They bought their 1/2 price tickets, but when we tried to use their pass to buy our tickets, the lady caught us.  Oh well, worth a try.  When we looked more closely, their pass was almost identical to a passport, with names and signatures.  So we paid 160 Swiss Francs, which upon conversion to US $ was a LOT less than the conversion rate 2 yrs. ago: $161 for both of us.  It was worth it!

And we definitely did the train ride at the right time.  To the left, what we saw up at the last stop.  To the right, the town of Zermatt when we got back down the mountains --- mountains?  what mountains?

Our hotel is the blue circle above.  It’s a pedestrian one main street town.  Even though it was all downhill to the train station, it was still raining the next morning, so we called for an electric car taxi to pick us up.  We had an all day train trip to Paris (movie to right) and didn’t want to spend it in wet clothes.

    Aussies Dave & Debra were coming to the States in the summer, and we jokingly said that they were more than welcome to come to touristy northern Ohio.  Well, long story short, they rented a car in New York and drove over to visit with us for a couple days before returning the car to NY. The one day, Dave was especially tired, and even though we offered him a bed, he “crashed” on the living room floor for nearly 2 hours, before we went to a baseball game that evening. They were then headed to the Pacific Coast, then Las Vegas, and then southern USA before finally returning home via cruise ship on Sept. 15.