Garfield Hts., OSborne Ave.


    Luz’s house was blitzed in April, 2006, and Habitat Partner Families expect to take occupancy in about a year.  Little did she and her two daughters know that all the delays and complications and errors wouldn’t let them start their new life for TWO YEARS & ONE MONTH!!

    Garfield Hts. has code that says that only plumbers and HVAC that are licensed in their city are allowed to work on houses in their city.  Well, our crew had to redo the HVAC in places, such as having ductwork inside a closet but not inside the studs.  Most of the plumbing had to be corrected also, with intake and outake piping being reversed, as well as having to add a support joist under the bathtub where extra holes had been drilled in the wrong places, thus weakening the joist where it needed to be strongest.  And the house needed a sump pump and the complications and delays there were interminable.


Luz loved her bright colors, but in some places they peeled off the walls; we couldn’t install the furnace to heat the house due to the lack of a sump pump, thus the basement was always leaking and getting moldy.

Monica and I learned how to staple on the luan prep board, then level the floor, then lay out the starting tile so that it stayed straight as we applied each sq. ft. piece.

She could fall asleep in the shortest amount of time ever.

Using a right-angle drill to make holes to pull the wire through, and learning how to connect wire to outlets.

Another Habitat make-shift toilet “room,” with its own reversible “In Use” sign.

Talk about a “small world.”  At the dedication for the E. 84th new build in 2012, Luz, Imann and Keara (Keke)attend, because Juribeth and Luz are friends.  Luz is still having water problems in the basement, but the new administration at GCHFH takes care of it this time.

Luz sends me photos of her newly decorated upstairs bathroom.

And Habitat PAID professionals to drill two holes in the joist holding the bathtub - heaviest thing in the house - as well as install heating vents on the OUTSIDE of the studs.  ?#@*?

This is where we learn from square one how to hang siding.

And how to install step railings.