This is the very first house I worked on with my present crew.  I had been at different houses each week for about a month, and then Chris Keller assigned me to join this crew, sponsored by St. Basil’s church.  I have been with the same people since November of 2005, working on 4 of “our” houses, as well as many others when requested.

    This film is short because I only have photos that the Habitat photographer shared with me, none of my own.



Gaylord, yellow house, my very first

    In 2013, we returned to 9335 Gaylord, to rehab it for another family.  It was kind of sad to come back to my first house, to see it abandoned; but it wasn’t in need of as many repairs as our other rehabs.  Thus we were able to dedicate the house on April 26, 2013, ready for a single mom and children to move in soon.