My 3rd trip with Bay Presbyterian was January 9-21, 2011, with four first-time travelers, Kim Boyd (my roomie), Rob Hoeffler and son Paul, and Shirley Kushner, the spiritual leader.  Also in our group are Tim MacMillan, Annie Massey (the “towel queen”), Eddie Santiago, Gene Kushner, Linda Manoloff, Carol Gress (my sidekick eye doctor) and Sue Johnson.

    This time, the trip went as scheduled, meaning that we had an entire day in Antigua before doing the “mountain ride” to Jacaltenango, and also an entire day after Jacaltenango.  Included on that first day of our trip was a walking tour of Antigua with Elizabeth Bell, and several of us selected the coffee plantation tour for the last day.  During the extra time, Annie Shopista led those interested on multiple shopping trips.

    As on previous trips, we stayed at the relaxing Hotel Aurora, which always pleases everyone.



“Aw, Tim, do we really have to leave now?  It’s SNOWING in Cleveland!”

Above, the shrimp plant.  To the left, Gene is exercising his index finger.  To the right, he’s exercising his right leg.

Linda, right, collects wooden fruit.  Shirley, below, with a thank-you gift for being the spiritual leader.  Jade necklace and earrings donated by Casa de Jade to be auctioned for fund-raising.

What a coincidence to run into the Living Waters of the World team from the Chicago partner church!

No horns allowed in Antigua.

With only 12 people, 24 bags, we get a mini-van instead of a bus, which meant that we made the mountain ride to Jacaltenango in a record 8 hours!!