The cost of all our food, lodging and transportation to/from Santa Cruz was $580 per person, so with the airfare and baggage  of $700 the cost of the trip to each of us was $1280.  This is as close as can be pre-guessed.  


    Our group was a large one and the fact that we went to 5 different sites required at least 5 vehicles to transport all of us plus all who supported us. This added almost $5500 to our total expenses. 


    LWW was $1000 and it was covered from the JK LWW fund.

    Medicines were about $1500 - these were covered from contributions.

    University Dentists and Medical students cost of $1500 was covered by contributions.

    $1500 for transportation/lodging/feeding of the Guatemalan support team was covered by contributions.



    Our contributions came from 20% from team members - 30% from people other than John Knox and Team  and 50% from John Knox. 

The circle on the map below gives a reference to where we were.  The left red triangle is where we were lodged at Bella Verapaz, and the red triangle just to the right of it is where the Living Waters Team was stationed.  It was a 2-hour drive between those 2 points.

New people to the Fundenor mission trip this year were Bill Fike, Kathy Leopold, Denver Jenkins, Mike Carraher, Becky O’Donnell, and Jennifer Schneider.  All have indicated that they want to return in 2015 or later.

    We went to a different site each day, meaning a lot of packing and unpacking, but always something new to see and experience.  And riding through the mountainous countrysides of Guatemala is enjoyable.  Usually the ride is between 45-60 minutes, but on our last day, we left extra early since the ride to Purulha was going to take 2 hours.

    Sarrax-och was the first day, San Lucas the 2nd, El Rancho was the base for days 3 and 4 with different communities being assigned to a specific day.  Purulha was the last day.

My neighbor Susan saves the Beanie Babies from her grandkids’ restaurant meals.  They’re small enough to disguise in my fisted hand or in my scrubs pockets.  The recipients always allow me to take their pictures.  It’s hard to get the people to smile though.

We again stay at our Guatemala home of Bella Verapaz Hotel & Restaurant.

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