So after the winter from *$#@! in 2014, Boss decides to schedule the next mission trip during January instead of the usual March.  Well, suffice it to say, the weather is quite different in January; it’s the rainy season, and temperatures don’t get out of the 60s during the day, and plunge down to 48-50 at night, meaning, we were FREEZING!  Some people had as many as 6 blankets on their beds.  Had Paris Linen not donated 30 blankets (for us to thank our translators), we would have been even colder.  Most of those blankets got used before they actually got given to the translators who donate their time to aid us.

    For veteran Becky, it was a dream come true, as her brother Brad Hamilton, a journalist in New York, came with us this time.  His Spanish from his time in Mexico also helped out.  They had always wanted to do a mission trip together.

    Other first-timers included Anna Dillon, Kathy Tomchack, Paulette Bronikowski, and Tom and Margie Drew.  They blended in well with us veterans.  During our last days in Antigua, nurse Mari Diaz and youngest daughter Duanna came to visit, and Patti Filus went back with them to spend some time with Mari’s family and job in Huehuetenango.

    Julio again was our faithful bus driver, proud owner of a larger bus, made possible with a generous loan from a friend.  Jerry spent his time with Miriam, searching out new locations for Living Waters Filtration systems. Enrique saw us when we arrived in Guatemala City, but did not come with us to Santa Cruz, as he has retired from Fundenor; traveling from GC was getting to be too much.  We again stayed at our home, Hotel Bella Verapaz, as we traveled daily to five communities, Pamuc, Chipozo, Pan Hux, Chiguorron, and Najtilabaj, where waiting crowds greeted us each morning. We saw many familiar faces: the Fundenor staff and many workers and translators.

    As usual, we had two general med clinics, one pediatrics, one eye clinic (with FOUR examiners working!), one dental clinic (with three Americans and close to twenty Guatemalan dental students), and a rotating staff for crowd control, aka, playing with the kids.  We were in school buildings at each site, thus there were kids everywhere, as well as the rest of the village; even if they weren’t actually going to one of the clinics, they came just to see what was happening.

Guatemala January 27- February 5, 2015

Denver talks me through rotating the elevator tool to “push” the tooth out, then he clamps on the forceps for me to twist the tooth side to side, to extract MY FIRST TOOTH!!

At Chipozo, this girl Albina smiled at me when I got off the bus.  We both remembered each other from 2 years ago.  She was serving as a translator this time.

Above is a short video of the opening greetings and prayers at the beginning of each day at the clinics.  We need translators because the Mayan dialects are still used in these mountainous communities.  You’ll hear the difference between the native Pokomchi, spoken first,  and the Spanish language brought over by the conquistadores.  Then, prayers are spoken out loud in the group, each person in his/her native language.

I.  Air                                          $15,000

2.  Bags/Tips                                   1110

3.  Transportation - Turansa           1885

                               Julio                  850

4.  Hotels - BV                                 3000

                 Aurora                            1620

5.  Food - BV                                    2750

                Antigua                            1180

5. Gifts                                               710


Total                                              $28,105 or $1405 per person!!


Other Support:


Fundenor       $3900

Crosses             170

Medicines         900

Prep Exp           425

Total               $5395


In addition - $2100 was spent for Living Water and Mari Diaz whose funds were covered by grants and specific donations.

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