Enrique & Jhonatan load up supply bags to take to the clinic. Below, Tim finally gets to experience the sign we told him about from 2011, when he couldn’t come due to Duanne’s stroke in FL.

Jerry and “Ozzie” the ozinator for the water purification system get special treatment and get to board early.

On our first day of clinics, the local community leaders and all of Fundenor’s staff, helpers, and translators formed a huge circle outside. Leivy translated Pokom’chi to English.  They closed with prayer, overwhelming all of us as all of them spoke their prayers out loud in Pokom’chi, in surround sound and belief.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention:  Brooms work quite well to lift the ropes (holding the black tarp that provided some shade - below) out of the way of the tall van that brought us back and forth.

Hmm, who’s their architect or contractor ?

So, it was a little wobbly......and the door didn’t lock.......but it’s better than the other choice outside.

Maps of the community; every house or building has its own number.

Above and to the left, Robert spent his first day at the clinic sorting through duffels of tossed medicines, creating the pharmacy.

And one day, when the keeper of the keys wasn’t there after lunch, Robert teaches Debbie to take vitals, and they open up the waiting room triage area.

And if you actually had some free time with no patients, you could always find something interesting going on outside.

Jorge, what shall we do with you?

Below, Sally in matching scrubs, sunglasses and stethoscope.

Leivy & Dena, with backpacks of goodies, sewn by Debbie’s sister.

Below, dona Angela & Roberto

On the last day, we pack up all the glasses, meds, and dental donations to leave with Fundenor and Eziquiel.

Music: Sadness by Christopher Franke