Our journey starts on Sunday, March 17,  bright and early at @ 3:00am to get us to Cleveland airport for our 6:15 flight to Houston.  Connections in Houston no problem.  We’re anticipating our customary 2 hour delay in Antigua airport over paperwork, fees to pay, whatever they come up with .......This time, we went through individually, as tourists with 2 bags apiece.  Ken got pulled over for the eyeglasses, but my explanation seemed to suffice, and the inspector even waived any fees for bringing them in.  The rest of the people went through uninspected and unchallenged.

    After the 4+ hour bus ride, we veterans were so happy to recognize the landmarks surrounding our hotel, and the first timers got their first breath of Guatemalan hospitality from Rocio, Gustavo, and Angelina, back again to serve those who serve the Guatemalans.


    Drivers will come for us each day, Monday - Friday, to take us to the clinics, departure from the Bella Verapaz as close to 7:30 am as we’re able.  Jerry and Roger go their separate way with Living Waters the first two days.

    We will be going to a different location each day, which means a lot of packing and unpacking, but the young translators eagerly carry our supplies.  The villages are anxious for us to come, and have prepared our “offices” in advance.  We are not prepared for the extent to which they have prepared for our arrival.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.