So, unfortunately, we are headed back to Moore, OK, due to flooding and tornadoes, luckily smaller than that of 2013.  We are again working through CitiImpact to coordinate the places we will be going to help out, including insulating and drywalling 2 rooms in a trailer home, as well as other day jobs.  We are a much smaller team this time, Carol &

Tom Duffy, Dale and Cindy Crockett, Kim and Jenny Tunney, Danny Evans and daughter Maddie, and myself. Ironically, Kim has listed me as the team construction leader.....scary thought, eh? I did do some equipment coordinating with the CitiImpact lady about what supplies we would need for the drywalling; little did we know how much more specific we should have been when listing supplies. 

    You use staplers to attach the insulation to the studs, and the homeowner Mike Cannon had bought ONE. And that one jammed shortly after using it.  Since they live in the middle of nowhere, we lost more than an hour and a half waiting for him to return with more.  Even then, he only bought two.  Had he had four to begin with, we could’ve had both rooms insulated in the time it took him to buy the other ones.  In the meantime, Danny and Dale were using nails to attach the insulation, a bit of overkill, but at least they were accomplishing something.  What I remember most is the BLAST of screaming hot air that attacked us as we stapled in the last row of ceiling insulation; it was like opening the door to an oven that had been set on BROIL, and had an industrial-size fan pushing the hot air out. That final row of insulation in the room dropped the temperature in the room by double digits.

    So I had Maddie helping with insulation the first day, and a couple days after that, I had Kim as my partner.  I taught her how to measure the drywall and score it with the razor knife, and then screw it in to the studs.  She immediately fell in love with the cordless drill!  Calls it her new BFF! So we moved on to the drywall knife, for cutting out for outlets and switches.  All in all, a productive adventure, that may have come closer to completion (taping and mudding) had we not lost so much time at the beginning. 

    And we also lost Danny a couple days as he was sent with some other workers to help move concrete blocks at a trailer site for Mike Bellinger, and create shelves to organize storage for a church.  But THOSE people sure appreciated his help.

    The first couple days, Kim, Carol & Tom Duffy, Cindy, and Jenny packed clothes for a several day stay south of us, at Danni Legg’s.  Danni lost her son Christopher at Plaza Towers School May 21, 2013, and has not had an easy time moving on.  Her parents’ house was hit hard by the flooding, so this crew worked on cleaning out their house, as well as being a sounding board for Danni and her two children, Alex and Haleigh. The highlight was Jenny installing the ceiling fan.  You go, girl!

    Counselors advise focusing on a sport/hobby as a way of channelling the grief, and daughter Haleigh chose the bow and arrow.  Her brother joined her, and they have accumulated quite a few trophies!  They surprised us at Shekinah Church, where we were camped out on the floors of Sunday school rooms.  How ironic that we had held the Bible camp there two years earlier.  This time, though, we cooked our own meals, and showered at the Gold’s Gym down the street.  Our last night, Dolly even came to surprise us, just having returned from a mission trip to Africa.





Back to Moore, OK, 2015

Mike & Melba grill fancy lunches for us.

Maddie can’t get enough of Cyrus & Geeves.

“UHM, I don’t know what tool I like better...”

Cleaning up ruined carpeting, etc. from flooding.

Webster College in St. Louis, put us up in dorm rooms for $10/person, there & back...though it wasn’t all easy sailing...paperwork was !#@*!

THIS became THIS in one day.

    Danni took us to the graves of some of the 7 children killed at Plaza Towers School, as well as the school itself.  They wisely chose to place the school near, but not exactly on the previous site, and also faced it in another direction.  They have the names of the 7 children lost carved on benches, and also have sketches of each of them on columns at the main entrance, but for some odd reason will not put the names with the sketches, even though everyone who knew those children can identify each and every one of them from their sketches, which incorporated favorite sports, musical instruments, artistic interests, etc.  At least the school now has tornado shelters.

    Since we were back in our old stomping grounds, we revisited Hillsdale College, where we had stayed & eaten in their cafeteria in 2013, and where Dale, Tom, and Danny had rebuilt their lily pond.  We also visited Sam & Kim Crilly, who had revamped their outdoor playground, and took Maddie to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial, which still is such a humbling National Monument.

    The notes and ribbons that are added to almost daily on the outside fence are taken down as needed and added to the museum, a large building inside the fencing. 

    The empty chairs (which light up at night) have the names of the victims and are in rows that correspond to the nine stories of the building where they died.

    The moving figure of Christ is across the street from the ribbon wall, and to me, it just begs to say,

“WHAT have you done?”