Sykora build, April 2007

    Sykora is a short, deadend street right around the corner from E. 53rd and just west of I-77 South.  It’s a well-kept neighborhood.

    There’s a man in the video with long white hair & beard, who lived in the neighborhood and saw our crew there on the first day of the blitz and asked if he could help.  So he signed a volunteer and waiver form and joined the rest of us for the entire week. The majority of volunteers came from Orange High School (seniors who chose to do 30 days of community service instead of attending their last month of classes and suffering through exams) and from a small local Cleveland technical institute.  Since most of these two groups were also with us on the E. 53rd build the week before, this build went up faster and smoother than the previous one; a little bit of experience goes a long way.


Two of Abby’s teachers come to see her at work, proudly sporting her tool pouch & hammer.

Me helping volunteers nail kings & jacks flush together.

spreading gravel before the sewer lines

sliding in the 2nd master beam

luckily, SOME volunteers are not scared of heights, like I am

If you see a bluish Q to the left, just wait for the movie to download.  Thanks.